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Adding our services & expertise to your arsenal gives your customer more pieces to the puzzle of branding & success.  You decide which of our services that you offer.  Many of our resellers already provide some services that we offer and we respect that. 

Wholesale Pricing & Commission


 We are committed to your business model.  You receive a 20% lifetime commission* and your referral receives a 10% signup discount. Or you can buy from us at wholesale rates and invoice your customers.

Sales Training and Material


We provide training and sales materials to help you be successful. By creating this partnership we can both accomplish our goals.  Check out our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How can I listen to an example of the on hold plans?

A. Please click here and you can download an example of the plans.

Q. Do I receive a 20% residual commission on EACH referral that subscribes to music on hold media manager?

A. Yes, you will receive 20% residual commission on all on hold signups that you refer. You will receive 5-10%  residual commission other services that your referral may add later.  Scroll down to see the other services offered.*

Q. What if my referrals start using adittional services that you provide do I get commission on those services too?

A. You receive commission on every services that they use.  See below for the lifetime percents that you will make on each services.

Q. What happens if one of my referrals unsubscribe?

A. Discounts and commissions are always based on active accounts.  If you have 6 accounts that are actively using and paying for our services and your first referral drops we will then count your referrals as 5 active referrals and you will receive a 20% discount on each of the 5 active referrals.

Q. What is an active account?

A. An active account is an account that is using our services and paying their bill.

*prices and discounts are subject to change!


All Messages

1. Contain 4-6 total messages that apply to your business

2. Are mixed with background music chosen for your industry

Standard Plan: 4-6 total messages, customize your hours

Standard Plus: 4-6 Messages, 1 message is fully customized to your business

Intermediate Plan: 4-6 Messages, all messages are custom branded, 1 message is fully customized

Premium Plans: All 4-6 messages can be fully customized and branded to your requirements

Family Doctor Std. Plan: No Name is mentioned but information applies to industry.

Family Doctor Industry - Intermediate Plan: 1 custom message & the others apply to your industry

1 Custom Message - 1 custom message is included on all plans starting at Std Plus and higher

*prices shown include our very best discounted rate..call for discount code 


Music/Message On Hold - 20%


Partners on Hold plans save customers over 75% from what the normal music & message on hold productions cost.

Social Media Manager - 10%


We are here to handle your social media, so that you can spend more time handling your business.

Storecasting ads - 10%


Over 110 commercial free music channels with top voice talents.

Signage & Graphics

Digital Signage - 10%


Talk to us about all of your signage needs.  Digital signage keeps your business relevant & fresh.

Web & Graphic Design - 10%


We are just designers and graphic artists.  We know business and how to effectively professional graphics and effective web sites

Traditional Signs and large Print - 5%


We have it all available.  We have the relationships with top printing companies and affordable rates.

print and branded apparel

Print - 5%


From Business Cards & Brochures to Posters, Pop up Displays and Large Banners and everything in-between we provide HQ products.

Branded apparel - 5%


We brand everything from T-shirts to dress shirts and almost everything else that is made of cloth.

Scent - 5%


Scent Marketing & Branding can play a subtle yet powerful role in creating a sensory rich memories at your business.


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*Prices and  Discounts are subject to change.

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