Remote PC Access - Anywhere, Anytime

Always-ON Remote Access

Configure your computer for remote access so that you can take complete control of your computer over the Internet anytime.

One-Time Instant Access

Enable your associates to access your computer one-time by sharing a unique Access ID and Key.

Platform Independent

Access your remote computer from a PC/Mac. Even from iPhone/iPad or Android devices.


Remote Access is secure with TLS v 1.2 / AES-256 encryption; Personal Key acts as a secondary password to access each machine.


Add remote computers to your plan, based on your needs; no additional hardware or software required.

File Transfer

Effortlessly transfer files and folders, even from mapped drives, between your computers.


Send and receive chat messages between your computers.

Remote Printing

Print documents and images that are on your remote computers from wherever you are.

Invite To Collaborate

Your associate can connect to your computer, to work on a presentation or help you troubleshoot.

Record Remote Sessions

Record and save remote sessions easily at your desired location on the local computer.

Drag and Drop

Conveniently drag and drop files from a remote computer to your computer or   vice versa.

Remote PC - Access your Pc/mac anytime anywhere

Next best thing to teleporting!

Access your remote computers 24/7 and enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere. Get started in no time once you download and setup RemotePC.

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IDrive offers the most cost effective BMR functionality with onsite disk image backup

Store entire data of hard disks including the operating system (OS) and application configurations in an onsite server and retrieve them in case of catastrophic failure. In addition to local backup, IDrive offers you cloud replication which allows you to transfer backups stored on your server to your cloud account for a better disaster recovery plan. Also, maintain a ready-to-use, bare metal restore (BMR) capability with each image-based backup.

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